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  • Aug 05, 2023

KIAAHVI is that Plus Size WOMEN who:

  • Doesn’t care about what the world thinks of her.
  • Accepts the fact he is a Plus Size Women.
  • Knows that his size will not affect her the way she is as a person.
  • Is not affected by dogma, i.e. living through other peoples’ opinion.
  • Never let her size come in the way of her dreams and goals.
  • Knows that confidence comes from within, not from the size of a person.
  • Has a big heart because he looks up to each individual by their hearts not by their size.
  • Is strong because she doesn’t let peoples’ opinion affect his own beautiful world and peace of mind.

Celebrating the Plus Size Women and their big heart, Kiaahvi brings to you a clothing line curated for the Plus Size.


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