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The Evolution of Plus Size Fashion: From Frumpy to Fabulous

  • Mar 27, 2024
The Evolution of Plus Size Fashion: From Frumpy to Fabulous

A significant number of people might believe that wearing contemporary and designer clothing is the sole way to put together an elegant ensemble. Nevertheless, that is untrue. Unbelievably, both pricey and traditional clothing items can contribute to gaudy ensembles. The way you wear something matters more than what you’re wearing. Creating a style that accentuates your best qualities should be the main goal of any outfit. Having said that, it’s time to update your wardrobe from frumpy and give your drab looks a makeover!

What appears frumpy?

You have to identify the frump before you can fight it. Although what defines being frumpy varies from person to person, for the sake of this piece, it is defined as wearing items of clothing that are formless and unflattering. You might be wearing frumpily if you are wearing outfits that do not compliment your body. Besides from making you appear outdated and less fashionable than you actually are, being frumpy can also entail dressed in an outdated manner. Wearing capris with your t-shirts (not in a trendy way), and rhinestone-studded graphic t-shirts are examples of old-fashioned clothing that was the style for men. Knowing what frumpy means (outdated and ill-fitting clothes), it’s time to make the necessary adjustments!

Although body positivity is a hot topic right now, the fashion industry has been sluggish to accept size diversity in menswear. If you keep up with fashion trends, you are aware that the fashion industry has been scrutinising size diversity for a while now due to a rising body of discourse that has led to the consideration and acceptance of various body shapes. The good news is that fashion designers and manufacturers have begun to focus on inclusivity in size, and the demand for gender-neutral apparel has spurred them to increase their efforts in catering to a wide spectrum of consumers. So the industry has evolved from frumpy to fabulous by taking these steps:

Eliminating Worn and tired: One of the worst mistakes a guys used to make when it comes to style is to wear items that are worn out or outdated. But the likelihood of having a wardrobe full of items that are way beyond their sell-by date is significantly higher for a lot of people. That beat-up band t-shirt that takes you back to your carefree college days? Bin it. Your purportedly “lucky” clothing, where you allegedly met your soul mate? It’s no longer as lucky due to frayed collars and cuffs. These all give you a very physical and visceral appearance of being worn out and aged.

Fit matters: Nobody can deny that denim may be challenging. Slim jeans are obviously out of style, and the incredibly loose pants are maybe a bit too on-trend for anyone who is in the plus size segment. Avoid like the plague shapeless jeans that sag in all the wrong places and make you seem dowdy. Instead, a more dignified appearance can be achieved with jeans that fit like a classy pair of trousers and have a plain wash or solid hue.

Accepting the high street fashion: You should own hoodies and t-shirts with wild designs and motifs. We understand (and totally accept) that some of you still want to be fun and trend. It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to dress exactly like your age, you can always let the inner child in you play with colours, textures and prints. Appearing old and out-of-date, clothing made primarily of tweed will make you look older and if you’re dressed for a historical drama.

Adjusting the proportions to add extra fun element to your ensemble: Layer a denim or leather jacket over a t-shirt or shirt for a different take on the classic outfit. Then replace those plain black jeans with a pair of chinos or khakis You can make it appear as though you are aware of the latest trends and are up to the new fad game.

Put an end to crossing your shirt over your hips. When you pull your shirt down like that, it creates a line across the widest section of your body, making you appear larger than you actually are. Even the most toned bodies might experience terrible muffin tops.

Before recently, the only people who could provide you style advise if you were a man of above-average height or weight (also known as extended size, plus size, or big and tall men’s clothing) were the slender "fashion" guys was to Stay clear of large prints and bold patterns as they draw attention to your body’s shape. “Wear dark colours; they have a slimming effect.” Additionally, choose vertical stripes and v-necks when appropriate because they attract the attention downward and slim the body. But in the recent times people along with plus size fashion have evolved. They are ready to experiment and explore the new trends and style. They do not fear colours and prints. They have accepted their bodies the way it is and also are trying to dress themselves according to their body type.

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