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How to choose right trouser for your body type

  • May 09, 2024
How to choose right trouser for your body type

When choosing an outfit, there are a lot of factors to take into account, such as shirts and trousers, but how frequently do you think about your body type? You may choose clothing and accessories that will fit you well by paying more attention to your body form and honouring the way your body naturally looks. To assist you in selecting the appropriate design of plus size trousers for your unique body and leg type, let's examine the various male body forms.

Average Structure: A body type that is in good proportion to height, with shoulders wider than the waist and little to no distinct muscle definition, is referred to as having an average build. Since there aren't many very distinctive traits on this type of male body that can be emphasised or minimised, most pant styles will look good on this physique.

Rectangle: This body type differs slightly from the average build described above, depending on whether it indicates that you are very thin or that your waist and shoulder widths are the same width apart. In an effort to produce an inverted triangle line that will help the shoulders appear broader, you can try to choose slim-fitting pants or trousers for this rectangle body type and pair them with an enormous jacket.

Triangle inverted: The inverted triangle, a typically more athletic body type, is associated with broad shoulders and a smaller waist; it is an average build with significantly more lift and definition. It might be challenging to locate a t-shirt that fits well if your chest is somewhat broad. To create the illusion of having less volume in this area, choose a graphic t-shirt with Breton stripes. Straight leg pants, chinos and jeans will probably look best on your muscular legs if you haven't skipped leg day. Sleek trousers might not be the right match for your physique.

Triangle: Understanding your body's proportions when dressing can greatly improve the way you look overall. A triangle body type makes it challenging to achieve the proper equilibrium. If you have a larger midsection, think about wearing a t-shirt or shirt underneath a dressy yet casual blazer for a more streamlined appearance. When it comes to clothing, vertical stripes are a great option. As for pants, you should steer clear of slim cut jeans because they will draw attention to your waist.

After discussing the common male body types, let's examine which trousers styles work well with certain types of legs to create a silhouette that accentuates your unique features.

Lean, Slender Legs: Tall guys frequently own the monopoly on pants designs, but if you can rock the relaxed look of straight fit jeans, you can look terrific with little effort. These are timeless jean options that every man should have in his closet.

Large Thighs: Guys with thicker thighs ought to think about maintaining a well-proportioned appearance. Fitting clothing will improve the way you look overall rather than highlighting unwanted parts of your body. For a more put together look, go with darker pants and use t-shirts or shirts to add colour pops. We would recommend tapered jeans for this leg shape in order to achieve a comfortable fit that will benefit you.

Legs with muscles: A smart pair of chinos will perfectly complement the tapering appearance of muscular legs. If you frequently work out, the style of chinos will ensure that there is more leeway at the top of the pants and a slimmer fit around the calves and ankles, reducing the possibility of an improper fit. Our selection of men's chinos offers a wide variety of colours, ranging from a timeless beige that pairs well with polo shirts to a deep blue that works well as a substitute for jeans. Soft cotton construction and an elastic waistline are features that make this style comfortable without sacrificing overall style.

These are a few pairs of trousers that you may have desired for your closet but weren't convinced you could pull off the style. With the aid of this guidance, you can choose trousers for your upcoming outfit that are appropriate for a full day outing.

Chinos: Chinos are traditional trousers with military roots. They are an essential component of the modern wardrobe because of their extreme versatility. This classic item of menswear is still a staple for guys and goes well with both formal and informal ensembles.

Cargo: Cargo pants have a distinct military heritage dating back to the stylish noughties. They were formerly considered a 'daily pant', but they went out of style and then made a huge, fashionable comeback. If you've never worn cargo pants before, choose fitted styles because they fall midway between baggy and fitted. Old-school khaki trousers look great with an overshirt. Black cargo trousers paired with a grey hoodie, white shirt or navy tee are some more outfit options.

Jeans: The most popular type of trousers to wear nowadays are jeans. Your choice of jeans varies according to your need. Wear jeans with bombers, flannel shirts, pocket tees, even hoodies and sweatshirts if your workplace is casual or semi-formal. There are numerous options available.

Joggers: Joggers are a staple of the modern wardrobe since they are comfortable, useful, stylish, and adaptable. They are a wonderful choice for running errands or even for a laid-back supper. Cotton joggers are available in a variety of styles, including plain, bold, classic, and patterned. In addition, they have adjustable waistbands, tapering legs, and pockets. You can wear a plain or striped shirt with loafers, or joggers and a T-shirt. These useful trousers are an essential part of every outfit.

Linen Pants: In the past, men's wardrobes and the fashion industry derided linen trousers for being clammy and formless. The creativity of hundreds of fashion designers has resulted in tapered linen that fits all body shapes. Now slightly less prone to wrinkles, linen is a wardrobe essential that looks great with trainers and a basic t-shirt.

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