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Celebrity Tracker: Exploring Kiku Sharda's Fashion Journey with John Pride

  • Jun 22, 2023
Celebrity Tracker: Exploring Kiku Sharda's Fashion Journey with John Pride

We dive into the fashion journey of the charismatic Indian actor-comedian, Kiku Sharda, as he explores the incredible range of outfits from the renowned brand, John Pride. We take a closer look at the impeccable style choices made by this influential figure and how he effortlessly embraces his body positivity through fashion. From shirts to trendy casual wear, we'll unveil the ensembles that have captured Kiku Sharda's heart and showcase how John Pride caters to the fashion needs of plus-sized individuals with utmost flair and finesse. Get ready to be inspired by Kiku Sharda's wardrobe choices and discover the empowering world of inclusive fashion with John Pride.

Dark Indigo Summer Linen

Kiku Sharda effortlessly exuded comfort, style, and class as he donned the Dark Indigo Summer Linen Shirt from John Pride. The breathable fabric and his graceful styling showcased a perfect blend of casual elegance for a polished yet relaxed look.



Kiku Sharda showcased his fashion versatility with pullovers from John Pride. With impeccable taste, he effortlessly pulled off the cozy and stylish look, embracing the warmth and comfort they provide. Whether it was a classic solid color or a trendy patterned design, Kiku’s choice of pullovers added a touch of sophistication to his ensemble, making a statement while staying cozy and fashionable.

Kiku Images

In these instances, you see him wear the Staple Crew-Ink Navy Pullover with maximum comfort as he showcases his impressive dance moves.

Kiku Images
Kiku Images

Kiku Sharda exuded timeless charm in a sleek Crew-Ink Navy Pullover.

Black Crew Neck T-Shirt

Kiku Sharda sported a classic Black Crew Neck T-Shirt, radiating effortless style and versatility. The timeless black apparel complemented his wardrobe effortlessly, while the comfortable crew neck design added a touch of casual sophistication to his overall look. With this wardrobe staple, Sharda showcased how a simple yet well-fitted black t-shirt can elevate any ensemble with its understated charm.

Kiku Images
Kiku Images

Kiku Sharda's unwavering faith in John Pride is evident as he confidently embraces his true self while wearing our clothes. With each outfit choice, he radiates authenticity and self-expression, knowing that John Pride's designs are specifically crafted to celebrate and empower each individual.

Trust Kiku Sharda and choose John Pride for fashion that celebrates and empowers plus-sized individuals.

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