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Breaking Stereotypes: Embracing Your Body with Confidence in Plus Size Clothing

  • Mar 27, 2024
Breaking Stereotypes: Embracing Your Body with Confidence in Plus Size Clothing

The foundation of a man’s general confidence and well-being is his sense of self-worth. Although numerous elements affect self-esteem, a man’s fashion choices are frequently disregarded. Men’s self-perception can be significantly influenced by how they dress and carry themselves. The relationship between men’s clothing choices and self-esteem and how making thoughtful fashion choices can help them feel better about themselves. For men with wider bodies, finding well-tailored, equally figure-flattering and affordable clothing can be a challenge. Too often, local retailers only have a small selection for wider shoulders or wider waists, and their style guides and photos almost always feature only slender or athletic bodies. Fortunately for you, we have some essential tips that will help you look your best, regardless of the look you’re striving for.

First, define your body type: Before doing anything else, it's critical to ascertain your body type. Even though your size may be on the larger side of the typical men’s fashion sizing range, being aware of your particular build will help you make wise choices when it comes to purchasing your everyday clothing and getting ready for your events. Contrary to popular belief, not all guys of plus size possess the same physical attributes. Hence, it is very important to know your body type because it will not only help you to choose the correct size of garment for you but also will make you comfortable in your skin and boost your confidence. Like many other plus-size men, do you have a rounded midsection and an oval body type? Alternatively, are your shoulders subordinated to your hips and waist, giving you an A-frame and a smaller upper body? You may be inherently larger in the upper half of your body, which would explain your V-shaped form which narrows as it goes from head to toe. Your style decisions will be based on your frame, so don’t ignore this crucial foundational element. Once you get this figured out, your plus-size style success will be assured.

Make sure the clothing fits your body type: In an attempt to cover up their curves, many men—not just those with larger frames—automatically grab for a shirt or a T-shirt that is far too big. This is untrue that going for a larger size will make you look slender and may even have the reverse effect, bringing attention to an unwanted location. We promise that a regular T-shirt or a collared shirt in your size will be a lot better choice. It should be fitted, adjusted, or regular rather than excessively tight or slim-fitting or excessively oversized. This will make you look classy and elegant. In addition to this, it will also allow you to layer it.

Colours have significance: Although it might seem apparent that vivid hues and striking patterns don’t always work for men with a bigger build. It is always advised to consider muted, basic colours like brown, black, grey, and navy that are complemented by a bright accent or piece of clothing. Vertical rather than horizontal stripes are a great choice, and a V-neck shirt will help you appear smaller and more elongated. To divert attention from your waist and up towards your head and chest, choose dark trousers and a subtle belt. But when we are talking about breaking the stereotype then you should always experiment with bright colours and balance them with some muted tones. Horizontal stripes can be layers with jackets in solid colours. This can always help you try out new things without being stressed about your looks.

Big-boy trousers are not the solution: When selecting your trousers, exercise caution. Of course, comfort is key but stay away from anything too baggy or loose. Select a pair of trousers with a normal fit, such as jeans or chinos, in a neutral shade that flatters you, such as grey or navy blue. Additionally, straight-fit jeans are a fantastic option since they balance out the contours of your legs and make up for any excess thickness on your thighs.

Layering can be your saviour: Layering has long been recommended for larger frames and is one of the best ways to visually slim down your physique. Start with a light-coloured t-shirt and work your way outward by following the advice in our colour guide. Try wearing an open, long-sleeve shirt or jacket over it; just make sure the garment is a deeper, neutral hue and has a minimal amount of pattern or print—a subtle design will do! You can even add a third layer if the weather starts to cool down. Just put on a jacket or fleece that is a bit darker than the layer underneath, and you’ll have a warm and fashionable ensemble!

Go now and discover your own style.

Now, that you know some essential starting points, it’s time to go dress or stock your closet with items that will accentuate your best features! Always keep in mind that everyone is different and that your comfort is the most essential factor. You might need to mix and match to find the perfect look for you. Fortunately, the selection of plus size menswear is easily accessible online, featuring an extensive selection of shirts, trousers, t-shirts, blazers, Nehru jackets and much more to outfit your wardrobe with effortlessly chic pieces for every event. Just keep mix matching the pieces and make an outfit that best suits you and keeps you comfortable and relaxed the whole day.

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