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Plus Size Summer Wear for Men

  • May 07, 2024
Plus Size Summer Wear for Men

Whether you are a casual guy who enjoys wearing a mix of formal and casual attire, or an avid formal wearer, your wardrobe constantly needs an update with summer outfit ideas for plus size men to give you that additional kick when you go out.

So let's assist you in staying cool during this scorching heat. Here is a collection of the best summer wardrobe ideas that every man should attempt this season, curated by our top fashion experts.

1. PRINTED SHIRTS: These are the best summertime looks for guys. Keep your prints modest if you're dressing formally, but feel free to try bolder, brighter printed shirts for a more laid-back day or evening.

2. COTTON BLAZERS: Cotton blazers are one of the trendiest plus size men's summer wardrobe pieces. They look great with round-neck T-shirts. If the T-shirt is bright, keep the colours muted, or the opposite. These look fantastic with traditional trousers for the workplace, and they look even better with jeans for a party. In addition, printed cotton blazers make excellent summer wedding men's attire options.

3. SHORT-SLEEVED SHIRTS: Short-sleeved shirts are a staple of plus size men's casual summer wardrobes since they are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down depending on the trousers you choose to wear them with. Wearing a printed one with shorts is a terrific appearance for a night out, and a plain solid with pants looks professional at work.

4. CHINOS: These are a terrific addition to any wardrobe and go well with polo neck T-shirts or simple solid shirts, which have been popular lately. Put on loafers to look great for any laid-back get-together.

5. POLO T-SHIRTS: A perennial favourite when it comes to plus size masculine summer clothing ideas. On men, brighter hues go well with lighter lower body colours (jeans, shorts, or chinos), and vice versa. When you pair them with some shades and a stylish watch, you're ready to take on the day. Can also be worn to work on any working weekend with semi-formal pants or look great with shorts for a laid-back day out.

6. DENIM SHORTS: Take floral T-shirts or short-sleeved shirts if you are going out for a casual evening, or use neutral or slightly bright shades if you are going for a casual evening with colleagues. And you will surely make heads turn.

7. LINEN TROUSERS: Always in demand amid the top plus size summer outfit ideas for men, due to their sheer sweat-free nature and look. The comfort these ooze along with cotton shirts is par excellence. Remember to pair these up in contrast.

8. COTTON SHORTS: For plus size men's casual summer clothing ideas, shorts are the epitome of comfort. Essential for a night out with friends, which happens more frequently as the days grow longer and the body needs rest. Wear them with simple T-shirts.

9. GRAPHIC T-SHIRTS: These are the most stylish summertime outfit ideas for men since they look so good. Wear them with jeans, shorts or lounge pants to look fantastic on any casual occasion.

10. KURTA SHIRTS: These kurta style shirts when paired with jeans or semi-formal pants look great among summer outfit ideas for men. And if these are textured or printed, the same can be amazing summer wedding men's outfit ideas, when the event is in the scorching heat of the day.

The holy grail of summer fashion is airflow, but it might be hard to find when shopping at the larger end of the rail. Tees and shirts can cling where they shouldn't because marketers usually scale up from a medium instead of accounting for the varied proportions of bigger physiques because it's less expensive. Regardless of your shape, boxier fits are meant to hang away from your skin, which is good for both your appearance and body temperature. So, here are some summer styling tips for plus size men.

BE SLIGHT WHEN LAYERING: It's impossible to layer up when it's too hot. Which is unfortunate because layers balance your upper and lower portions and add structure. But wearing a T-shirt every day isn't necessary just because it's summertime. Simple styling choices, such as an open-sleeved shirt layered over a vest or a lightweight blazer paired with a tee, offer your ensemble form without obstructing vital airflow.

NEVER BE AFRAID OF COLOUR: Although black is slimming, it's hot in the wrong ways during the summer. Light clothing should be worn when the weather is bright, and not merely because it reflects heat rather than absorbs it because bold shades look better when the sunlight is stronger. They also look well on you, particularly if you match the hue to your skin tone. Busy patterns draw the attention and can make you appear larger.

Obtain some textural materials: Cotton is the go-to material for plus size summer clothing because it breathes well, holds onto perspiration, and is easy to wash. But because cotton has little depth, all-cotton ensembles might look bland. This is where effortlessly airy textiles like linen come into play; their textural richness allows you to stick to basic ensembles in muted hues and still appear put together.

Always remember not to overdo the summer-get up by mixing and matching very bright colors in summers. Plus Size Men's clothing ideas for summer are more about soothing colors that reflect the heat and keep your body cool. Summer outfit ideas for plus size men should always have a pairing that keeps you comfortable through the day/event that you wear it at. And the final tip - Never miss the deodorant!

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